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Rheem 250L Electric Storage Water Heater 4.8kw


Designed and manufactured in Australia the Rheem 250L Electric Water Heater is the ideal replacement for your old electric model.


  • 10 year cylinder warranty
  • Easy retrofit
  • Dual handed fittings
  • Commercial grade enamel
  • Thicker sacrificial anode
  • Suitable for connection to lower cost “off-peak” tariffs
  • Manufactured in Australia

Installation includes:

  • Duo Valve
  • Tempering Valve
  • Limiting Valve
  • Insulation as required
  • Like for like replacement

Not included in installation:

  • Base / replacement of base – Available as an optional extra during checkout ($110)
  • Disposal of replaced unit – Available as an optional extra during checkout ($110)
  • Weekend installation – Available as an optional extra during checkout ($385)

**Please read our installation guidelines for conditions available on our ‘Further Information’ page, or should you have any further questions regarding optional extras.

Please ensure you fully understand the conditions and inclusions of installation prior to committing to purchase. If you have and questions please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Installation ($699.16)
Packaging & Old System Disposal ($96.10)
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Key Features

  • Fast, easy like-for-like replacement
  • Feature dual handed inlet and outlet fittings
  • 80L and 125L models provide T&PR fittings on both sides of the tank for even easier installation
  • Exclusive Rheem Ultranamel® Class Y enamel
  • Small diameter 480mm (80L & 125L)
  • Thicker anode (27mm) for added protection
  • Twin Element models provide that little bit extra when you need it (160L – 400L)
  • Models with a capacity of 125L or more suit connection to concessional (off peak) tariffs
  • 12 year cylinder warranty1, including 1 year labour on cylinder for 80L to 400L models

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