Installation Guide and Conditions:

  • You must be based within our Service area, which includes Wollondilly, Macarthur and Southern Highlands to be eligible for the quoted price including installation – Should you be unsure if you fall within our Service Area or if you would like to enquire about an installation outside of these areas please Contact Us.

Installation included relates to where there is a like for like replacement, this means there is no change to the location or the energy supply of the unit. This includes the following;

  • Electric storage: Replacing electric storage unit in the same location.
  • External gas storage: Replacing external gas storage in same location.
  • External Gas Continuous Flow: Replacing external gas continuous flow in same location using existing external power point, if no existing, compliant outdoor power point is available we are able to provide a quote on supplying this. We do not include the upgrade or change over of any gas lines if you are changing from a storage unit to continuous flow gas – all existing lines must be ¾ lines and if you currently have a gas storage system the lines may be different.

The following items are not included in the standard installation price and would result in additional charges if required:

  • Removal of old tank/system from site (unless purchased as additional extra).
  • Installation of a new concrete slab or tray (unless purchased as an additional extra).
  • The relocation of the new system.
  • The upgrade of existing gas lines, or installation of new gas line.
  • Any services that would require a fully licensed electrician to attend site including but not limited to their call out fee, installation of a power point, upgrade/change to existing electrical connections or conversion to system with different number of elements than existing system.
  • Additional labour or equipment required due to the difficult access to site and/or site conditions.
  • Asbestos precautions (presence of asbestos may prevent an install from proceeding altogether).
  • Any works required to the existing infrastructure in order to ensure the installation is fully compliant and within safety guidelines.

Other factors that may lead to an increase in pricing are listed below;

  • Regulatory requirements – it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure they have complied with any pre-installation regulatory requirements, there may be additional charges at our discretion should we attend site and cannot commence work due to any compliance of regulations not being followed by the purchaser.
  • Compliance – Should any additional works be required to ensure the installation complies with any regulations it may incur additional costs, should additional works be required to ensure compliance you will be notified by the technician on site prior to commencement of any work and this may require an additional quotation to be supplied and accepted before works can commence.

The following are inclusions of installation, they are subject to the above conditions being met:

  • All valves required for installation of your new unit.
  • Removal of rubbish from site (excluding replaced unit unless purchased as an additional extra).
  • If you have previously paid for a service call and we did not fix your unit and are issuing you. with a replacement, we will wave the service call fee from the installation cost.


What does Hot Water System replacement cost?

This will vary depending on your type of hot water system as well as other factors, check out our online store or contact us for easy pricing.

What is the best hot water system?

Our friendly staff can help you decide what will be the best hot water system for your own individual needs, feel free to get in touch for assistance choosing a hot water system.

What is the Hot Water System installation cost?

When you have decided on the best hot water system for you, then you can check the installation price when checking out and easily add this to your order.

How do I find Gas Hot Water System prices?

Browse our online store or contact us for a free no obligation quote on a hot water heater that will suit your needs.

Which is the best instant gas hot water system?

We only sell quality hot water systems, so you can be sure you are getting the best available hot water system for your needs and budget, contact us to discuss further.

What do I do if I find my hot water system leaking?

Turn off your water if possible and then call Wollondilly Hot water to come and service or carry out a hot water heater repair to your hot water system, a leaking hot water unit can lead to further problems and you should use the services of a qualified person to diagnose and repair a hot water system leak.

What is the labor cost involved to install my water heater?

When you use our checkout, you can select hot water heater installation and this will quote you a cost to have your hot water system replaced. Alternatively you can call us for an easy free quote.

Service and Repairs:

We carry out hot water system repair and servicing as well as hot water heater replacement. Our experienced staff will assess if your hot water heater can be repaired or serviced before you need to invest in a hot water system replacement.

Common signs of water heater failure:

  • No hot water
  • Water running cold faster than usual
  • Hot water leaking from the unit
  • Pilot light keeps extinguishing
  • A burst hot water unit
  • Taking longer than normal to reheat
  • Sounds coming from the storage tank
  • Sudden jump in hot water bills
  • Running out of hot water
  • Hot water comes out unclean
  • Lack of hot water pressure
  • Faulty hot water system

Prevention is better than cure, so if you experience any of these problems you should contact us to investigate if a hot water heater repair will be of benefit.

We carry a wide range of water heater repair parts and we can get your hot water service repaired quickly.